Our services

Our services

  • We offer consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry. We are ready to support our clients through every stage of the product development, from laboratory tests, preparation of the registration dossiers for pharmaceutical products, to the implementation of the manufacturing processes. Our services are compliant with all appropriate standards and requirements defined by our partner.
  • Our experience allows us to support our clients in creating of newly designed or renewed manufacturing plants. We are also ready to share our knowledge on the development of the production processes, validation processes, quality assurance management, process organization and risk management control.
  • We support our clients in contacts with the competent authorities.
  • 2R Pharma offers a cooperation with our highly qualified team. We place emphasis on the effectiveness, professionalism and commitment supported by the time management system.
Project Management

Project Management

We're support our clients in:

  • Improving the efficiency of the existing technological processes.
  • Technology transfer.  Our experience allows us to support the project from the research phase, through the development of batch production for clinical trials, to creating a complete production process based (if necessary) on contract manufacturing.
  • Infrastructural modifications.  We offer services in designing and auditing of the production areas, equipment, installations and technical specifications.
Organization of Quality Assurance Systemsystems

Organization of Quality Assurance System

Based on best available management methods  we consulting out customers in range of organization:

  • Quality Assurance System
  • Monitoring  of  initial  materials
  • Monitoring of production system
  • Monitoring of batching and packing process
  • Controlling system of QA laboratories


  • Helping with preparation of validation  protocol,
  • We are ready to assist our customers throughout entire validation process including preparation and validation itself.
  • Drafting of the validation master plan – this is first and most important step for the final success of validation process. We also help in drafting additional procedures if necessary
  • Cooperation  in realization of validation tasks which are included in validation master plan.
Resolution of administration problems

Resolution of administration problems

In the cases current administration issues cooperation with us help our customer:

  • If you start with your pharmaceutical business in Poland. All the necessary administration controlling cases thanks to better arrangements appropriate & necessary documents will be easier to pass for our customers.
  • We can review applied management system, production system, production areas conditions, and validation process vs. all common administration requirements. All that requirements after our detailed control will be fulfilled. All audits will be passed with no problems form auditors.
  • We can also help resolve any problem concern shortcomings in your product documentation.  After our amendments your product documentation will be back on track again.
Consultancy with development of your idea

Consultancy from the first idea to final product

We are ready to be with you and to be of help to you form the first day of your new idea to final stage when your product will be in market.

  • In that case we give our all knowledge and resources to create a product. Which will be a final effect of our cooperation with customer. We have a fine resume of national and foreign contacts to achieve that goal. The final effect of our work will be medical product fully recognized and approved by all compliant authorities and pharmaceutical and medical market. For more our final product gives always something more, a unique  added value.
  • If you have in your organization implemented system of PQL, we can help you to find right answer for feedbacks from pharmaceutical market.
Avilable solutions

Avilable solutions

  • Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical law all our solutions are fully compliant with all current government, administrational, and law requirements.
  • Thanks to our extensive foreign contact  dossier. Knowledge of current changes and innovation trends in pharmaceutical industry. Cooperation with us will give our customers possibility to face new advanced requirements which may occur in the nearest future.
Document Management

Document Management

2R Pharma gladly help effectively our customers to prepare documents for the following issues:

  • Preparation of documentation for registration of medical product, according to current administrational requirements and standards including e-CTD.
  • Confirm quality, effectiveness and safety of usage created medical products. Help to authenticate production and business processes that already in place in customers companies.
  • We are also gladly will get to know and address all others needs of our customer, which may occur in process of realization their order. We are happy to take that challenge and provide our customers complex service which will suits all their needs.